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While introducing art concepts and methods to students, the mission of the Visual Arts program is to integrate art history, cultural influences and community involvement with each lesson emphasizing that each students’ creative expression is unique.

 2014-04-02 002 004Students will explore visually, emotionally, physically and intellectually various media and art processes to develop a lifelong connection to art as a means of expression.

The Art Department hosts Art Shows throughout the year that showcase student projects and artwork in the JBMA Fine Arts Building.

Screenshot 2016-04-08 at 9.03.14 AMJoin us for our Annual JBMA Art Show on April 12th in the Fine Arts Building!

Learn about Art Enrichment! (All Classes start the first week of September)










At Joseph Bruno Montessori Academy, students experience music by singing, moving, playing instruments, improvising, composing, reading, describing, and evaluating. These basic elements provide a foundation for advanced development in all areas of music study and performance, as well as preparing students to be informed and appreciative music enthusiasts throughout life.

Music study is connected to other areas of the students’ curriculum, including the other arts, as well as academic disciplines outside the arts. There is a strong emphasis on listening skills, including focused listening.

Weekly classroom experiences provide opportunities for successful experiences for every student, regardless of ability level. Two public performances each year serve to help students understand the cooperative nature of musical ensembles and to develop the skills necessary for this community effort.

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