Through the past 31 years, Joseph Bruno Montessori Academy has transformed and established a long lasting legacy in the way children are educated. Building upon the foundations of Maria Montessori, and with consistent encouragement of a child’s self-discovery, JBMA has kept one mission throughout its three decades of existence: to provide the opportunity for all students to grow to their fullest potential cognitively, socially, emotionally, spiritually, physically, and aesthetically.

1377480_418385798283512_719490800_n The Joseph Bruno Montessori Academy was founded in 1982 by Joseph Bruno and Theresa B. Sprain. It began as Whispering Pines School and accepted children 3-6 years old. The original campus included ten acres of beautiful wooded land, meadows, and a small house, eventually used as a classroom. A small building was erected for the first classroom of four children.

In 1983, Theresa Sprain received Montessori Certification and the school became Whispering Pines Montessori School. By 1989, the number of children attending the preschool increased to ninety. In 1984, Ms. Sue Richards joined her as a preschool teacher. Ms. Margaret Lewis, already a certified Montessori teacher from New Orleans, became our third preschool teacher in 1985. After Sue Richards took Montessori Training she became the first certified teacher of the 6-9 year olds. The lower elementary/office building was constructed in 1989, and the first classroom for children 6-9 years opened with Sue Richards as the first teacher. Our first 6-9 classroom enrolled twenty-two children. The school was renamed The Joseph Bruno Montessori Academy.


Major expansion occurred again in 1992. In 2002, the middle school building was opened and additional land was purchased. The increased acreage allowed space for a running track, two tennis courts, beach volleyball, and an outside basketball court.  In 2007, a ropes course was added to the wooded and pond area of the school campus.

In 2009, the Joseph Bruno Montessori Academy became accredited with the American Montessori Society. High standards in education have always been our goal so that every child has the opportunity to achieve his potential in all areas of development.

In 2013, Ms. Theresa retired after 30 successful years as head of school.  Rebecca Little, who formerly taught in Bruno’s Upper Elementary Program, is now JBMA’s Head of School. Below is a short documentary of Ms. Theresa’s ideas about the benefits of the Montessori Method. She was extremely influential in establishing a foundation at JBMA for long-lasting student success.

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