PTO Minutes

JBMA PTO Meeting Minutes
April 2, 2014

Present at the meeting were:

Kadambari Naik Toddler-Preschool Rep
Mickey DeWolfe Secretary
Dana Maxfield Yearbook Chair
Rebecca Little Admin Rep
Greg Westerkamp
Rita Cooper Fall Festival Chair
Lisa Singer Vice President
Spencer Atkins President
Tina West
Angel Mefford
Teresa Hicks Room Parent Coordinator

Agenda and discussion included budget review, Spring Auction details, chair updates, Teacher
Appreciation Week, American Montessori Society visit, future funding opportunities, and future of the
PTO board. Additionally an email vote was held on the subject of funding Teacher Appreciation Week for

Budget Review
Expenses were approximately $1000 and balance is currently approximately $9000.

Chair Updates
Yearbook chair: The yearbook was nearly done and needs only a few more photos of events such as
Bruno Basketball and the science fair projects. We switched publishing companies and the new
company’s minimum order is 25 which is down from 100. The yearbook for 2013-2014 has been started.
$1750 has been refunded from the company that Bruno switched from.

Historian: Discussion was had about a yearly scrapbook that the historian could have been doing. I think
this is something going forward because it was the first that many on the PTO board had heard of it.
Furthermore on the subject, and perhaps most importantly, was discussion of codification of processes
so that in the future there was not so much “reinvention of the wheel.” This codification of institutional
knowledge would perhaps be a huge improvement in time efficiency for future board members and also
would mitigate against a lack of expertise and information .

Teacher Appreciation Week
Teacher Appreciation Week at Bruno is May 5-9. In the past, students would bring some form of daily
present which in practice was overwhelming in terms of goods received and was also somewhat
onerous for the students and parents.
Instead Teacher Appreciation Week will consist of:
• Monday coffee and dessert
• Tuesday cash gift
• Wednesday morning pastries
• Thursday students bringing a “favorite thing”
• Friday lunch in the Art Room

Spring Auction
The final numbers for the Spring Auction are $26,230.36.

American Montessori Society
The American Montessori Society (AMS) is sending some people for Bruno’s accreditation. Volunteers
are needed to pick them up from the airport and help with lunch. The AMS will be here April 27th
through the 30th. $100/day for lunch is the estimated expense.

JBMA Minutes from August 5th

 •  9 board members are needed for a quorum, so we qualified to vote on business. A $2000 budget was passed unanimously for the Fall Festival. 

•  A vote to investigate the purchase of new lighting for the gymnasium passed unanimously, although a budget was not set.

•  Ideas for changing the JBSM PTO Bylaws were also discussed. These included changes to how the president, treasurer, and secretary are selected.

•  Ideas for fund raising and the purpose of the fund raising, social events, and compiling directories paper and/or electronic dominated the rest of the discussion.

Review of the Bylaws:
President, Treasurer, and Secretary are currently elected positions. There was a discussion to make the President an appointed position if there was only one interested party. Treasurer and Secretary may also be appointed by the President in the proposed by-law changes.

•  Discussion as to whether to change and clarify the term that the President can serve.

•  Discussion of the addition of fund raising to the Auction Chair.

•  Discussion of the Publicity Chair being a voting member.

Review of the Budget:
PTO balance was discussed for the start of the 2013-2014 school year. The number did not include money from the PTO dues or the money from yearbook reimbursement.  

Spencer Atkins and other members of the PTO board will be present at the orientations for different classes.



Socials Events:
•  First day (August 12th) drop off social event meeting for coffee.

•  A PTO member meeting with the head of school, Dr. Jeff Beedy, will be held on August 19th in Lower Elementary Classroom #3 at 6:30PM. Topic of the meeting will be 21st Century Education.

•  A $2000 budget was passed unanimously for the Fall Festival. This will be at JBMA campus October 6, 2013 between 1:30-4:30PM. An auction was proposed for fundraising at 3:00PM. A DJ instead of a band was proposed.

•  Social ideas for the parents and JBMA community included Baron’s Night, Movie Night in the Fall and Spring in the athletic field, and night activities for the students.

•  The creation of electronic and paper school directories that possibly included faculty, students, parents, and businesses was discussed.



Fund Raising for PTO and for Classes:
•  Many ideas were discussed for fund raising. Among these were whether to solicit parents for good or services to be donated in addition to strictly monetary fund raising. Interspersed in that conversation were ideas about whether to offer incentives for social events to increase participation.

• Fundraising ideas were often mixed with social ideas. An example would be spaghetti dinner for a fee at a play. The board also discussed what is the purpose of fund raising. Future discussions will be held about what fundraising will be for and how much is needed. I.e. raising money is not the goal. Raising money helps accomplish goals.



Teacher Appreciation:
•  Ideas were discussed about Teacher Appreciation week at the end of the school year. Details were to be finalized in a follow up meeting.

•  The board also discussed what to do for faculty birthdays. Suggestions included cards, lunch, parties. Again details TBD.


Upcoming Events

  • September 9, 2014
    PTO Meeting at 6:30
  • September 9, 2014
    Middle School to Exceptional Foundation
  • September 9, 2014
    6th Grade to Dauphin Island

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