Lower Elementary

Day in the Life of the Lower Elementary from JBMA on Vimeo.

In Lower Elementary,we nurture the immense potential within every child. The children discover a continuation of their learning from the Preschool level in an attractive environment with hands-on materials. The various learning styles of each individual child are met by presenting lessons both visually and orally. Lessons are repeated until concepts are fully mastered. We want every child to achieve success. For students needing extra challenge, acceleration will be provided. For students who require extra assistance, individualized instruction is provided.

When one enters the classroom, children can be observed working on many different lessons and activities. Some children may choose to work alone, while others will work in pairs or in small groups. At this level, children have weekly work plans. Throughout the course of the morning, students are encouraged  and guided to work to their potential and be self-motivated.

1374298_418387608283331_270880125_nThe lower classrooms provide a safe domain for emotional development. The most prominent aspect of a Montessori classroom is that the students are with the same teachers for a three-year cycle. This enables the child to be comfortable and confident with their teacher. An aesthetically pleasing environment is carefully arranged with special consideration given to the child’s needs. The Montessori materials are color coded to ease the memorization of concepts. Moral development is reinforced in a Montessori setting by consciously striving to promote kind and peaceful behavior.


Compassion, tolerance and acceptance of all cultures are promoted daily by individual actions and observation of various cultural practices in classroom lessons. Accepting responsibility for one’s actions is another key factor in character growth. A charitable and giving spirit is encouraged by participation in group activities such as recycling, gardening, food and toy drives, and community endeavors. The program at Joseph Bruno Montessori Academy stresses holistic development because true success in life depends on growth in all areas of development.

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