The Mission Statement of Joseph Bruno Montessori Academy is
to provide the opportunity for all students to grow to their fullest potential
cognitively, socially,
emotionally, spiritually, physically,
and aesthetically.



The vision of Joseph Bruno Montessori Academy is to provide children and families with an education according to the Montessori philosophy and curriculum. Our focus is not only to provide cognitive education for our students, but to also model a commitment to creating peace and care for the environment for years to come. In theory and practice, we will explore how the traditional Montessori curriculum can be combined with current best practices in education as well as technological advances in order to develop a successful group of 21st century learners. At JBMA we treat each child as an individual, building on their strengths and abilities to become life-long global learners.

15002505_1034616356660450_4703697097232336771_oCore Values Statement

Respect– We embrace with respect all students regardless of racial, cultural or religious background, gender or the physically or mentally challenged.

Peace– We create an atmosphere that will promote the development of peaceful individuals.  All students will become committed to creating peace, and taking care of the environment in their homes, school, and communities.

Collaboration-We provide each child a foundation for a lifetime of learning by having multi-age classrooms and multi-level collaboration.

Independent Thinker– We foster students’ development of positive self-esteem; so they will become independent thinkers and accept leadership roles in the world of tomorrow.

“Free the child’s potential and you will transform him into the world”  -Maria Montessori

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