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We learn in many ways–a truism, of course, and yet many of us, alas, forget the ironic confines of our educational background: the way we were persuaded that the acquisition of knowledge began and ended in the classroom, or on occasion, the reading room of a library. All the time, however, we are potential teachers of one another, and for our children especially, an athletic game can be an occasion for many lessons indeed– both emotional and moral, as well as cognitive and factual. Those of us who were active during our high school and college years in a particular sport well remember those moments when something was said or done that lived long and hard in our memories: a gesture, a nod, an effort of one kind or another, a remark–and suddenly a new sense of things, an awareness of this or that, heretofore absent.




Dr. Robert Coles  from the forward of Jeff Beedy’s Positive Learning Using Sports Book

Sport as the medium for learning

253311_350632118392214_355007957_nAt JBMA we refer to sports as the medium to important social developmental pathways that affect a child’s overall development. There are many mediums in a child’s life including family, school, peer groups, and extracurricular activities. Each medium offers different opportunities to learn and develop character. Sports presents a qualitatively different learning experience than other mediums.

At JBMA Sports provide a powerful medium for connecting to our children. It provides an authentic social and moral arena within which to teach essential values such as respecting others and the importance of working together as a team. Sports provides real-life dilemmas that stimulate cognitive conflict and provide opportunities for proactive resolution through proven educational practices such as modeling and mutual dialogue.

Development as the Aim of Youth Sports

John Dewey, the progressive 21st century educator, considered “development as the major aim of education.” Sports have unique potential to influence development because of the captive interest of the participants. At JBMA sports contribute to the fundamental educational quest for development. When sport is viewed from this perspective, the idea of “development as the aim of sport” can be understood as we review the following aspects of human development.


Physical Development-Including the development of strength and coordination, endurance, habits of good nutrition, and a positive attitude towards health.

Social Development- Including teamwork leadership conflict resolution, cooperation, and pursuit of shared goals.

Intellectual/Cognitive Development- Including knowledge acquisition, critical thinking and reasoning, perspective taking, and decision-making.

Emotional Development- Including empathy self-control, perseverance, courage, commitment, and self-esteem.

Moral Development- Including sportsmanship and respect, responsibility, and a sense of fair play (justice). &

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