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The Upper Elementary program at JBMA is designed for students 9-12 years old.  The Upper Elementary class is a multi-age community that works together collaboratively to achieve both individual and group goals.  Community building is a core component of our program and students work together to support each other and bond through experiences that require problem solving, cooperative effort and community service in order to better understand their place in the world both locally and globally. Children learn to share ideas, listen to others and respect different perspectives.

IMG_6956The Montessori curriculum offers each student introductory lessons that are sequenced in each of the content areas.  From these initial lessons, students follow their natural curiosity as they acquire the skills necessary to research, inquire and show independence in their own learning.  The Montessori philosophy supports an integrated approach where the content areas of math, geometry, language, science, history and geography are interwoven.  The Upper Elementary classroom is filled with maps, charts, artifacts, fossils, scientific equipment, an aquarium and beautifully crafted Montessori learning materials.

Students begin their day at morning circle where they independently tend the daily business of taking attendance, lunch count and making community announcements.  Students set goals and begin the morning work cycle where they choose work from their individual workplans.  Students work at their own pace and are invited to individual or small group lessons as they become ready to move to the next sequenced step.  Students are active participants in their learning and the Montessori environment supports a variety of learning styles through interactions with the concrete materials and the prepared environment itself. Students enjoy freedom of movement in the classroom as they move from job to job and choose whether to do their work at a table space or on a rug on the floor.

Most afternoons in the Upper Elementary are spent working in the cultural areas.  Students can be seen working on group projects, conducting scientific inquiries, studying different cultures or working with the pin maps to increase their understanding of geography.

13932680_962817940506959_483270028523542703_nDuring the week, students have the opportunity to pursue interests in drama, Spanish, art, music and media technology.  They also enjoy physical education each day on the wooded grounds.  Nature is an integral part of our learning environment whether we are planting in a garden, making observations in science class, writing outdoors, or just having our lunch outside because it is a beautiful day to enjoy our surroundings.

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